Graphical Programming and
Structure Editing Framework
A picture's worth a thousand words.

(Click on images to enlarge, alternate different states or start animation)

1. General

i) Different Applications

1: Programming mobile robots.
2: RNA structure analysis.
3: Defining the valid input of a multi-modal system.
ii) Layout Adaptation

4: scale = 6, border = 1, bevel&pit = 1
Layout parameters allow adaptation to different screen resolutions despite absolute sizes.
iii) Simultaneous Change

5: Different Views of the same data (here a function) change simultaneously.
iv) Managing Components

6: Components can be inserted using palettes...
7: ... or/and item menus.
v) Meta Feature: Model-Browser

8: The model-browser (a meta feature) enables to hilight the visualisations of a model part.
2. 'Function'-Editor

i) Collapsing Structures

9: (In)complete Structures can be collapsed. References are conserved.
ii) Reference Visualisation

10: References to SideNodes can be explored 'from SideNode' or 'from inner Node'.
iii) Quickediting

11: Statements can be (re)arranged with 'quickediting'.
iv) Scrolling

12: Statements' script becomes scrollable when needed.
v) Information Visualisation

13: 'Symbol information' (here type information) can be shown.